We’d be happy to show you photos of Gunnar restorations, but that would be a waste of time, since they look just like new bikes. Instead, let’s talk about the repairs and restoration services we offer:

Gunnar Repaints: We offer a discounted price on Gunnar repaints when you choose a currently available styling. To get the low price, send in your Gunnar and choose from one of the available Gunnar colors, including the colors of the month. Your bike comes back looking like you ordered a new one.

“Base” repaint: With this upgraded service, you can choose from any of our archived colors or the Waterford Color Palette. Choose from hundreds of stock colors and your choice of decal styles. You can also add special effects and custom stylings based on Waterford’s styling options.

There is no additional charge to paint steel forks to match. There is an upcharge for refinishing carbon forks.

Repairs: We can perform a variety of repairs:

  • Add/remove braze-ons: We can remove and add a variety of braze-ons to meet your desires. Performing this service during a repaint can be a bargain as it eliminates the typical charge for touch up.
  • Dent repair: We can repair many cosmetic dents using proprietary techniques as well as applying plastic filler (“Bondo”). Some dents – especially those deep enough to have a crease – cannot be repaired.
  • Tube replacements: Even though Gunnars are TIG welded, most of the tubes can be replaced; the chainstays and downtube, for example. Top tubes, seat tubes, and seatstays can be problematic.
  • Stuck parts removal: We can remove a variety of seized components, though there is no guarantee that the parts will survive the repair.

There are certain kinds of services we do not perform:

  • Canty to Disc Brake Conversions: If you have a canty brake bike and want to turn it into a disc brake bike, we won’t do it. That’s because our disc dropouts are not designed to fit to our seat and chainstays. You would have to replace the entire rear end of your frame. It would be cheaper and better just to get a new frame.
  • Paragon conversions: The same goes for converting horizontal dropout Ruffians to the Paragon dropouts.
  • Eccentric bottom brackets: They lost favor in our eyes even if we liked performing the conversion. If we did do it – it means an entire rear-end replacement.
  • Head tube length changes: Replacing a head tube is possible, but it buys you at most only 10mm more head tube height. It can only be performed assuming no changes to the top and downtube. Again, you’re better off with a new frame, sized appropriately for you.

Getting Started: Repairs and restorations are performed through Waterford Precision Cycles, the fine people who built your Gunnar. Before you ship it, please remove all parts that aren’t the frame and fork. Additional fees apply when we are required to handle or remove extra parts like headset cups and bottom bracket assemblies. Also, we suggest you download, complete, and include with your shipment the Gunnar Restoration Form. It includes instructions as well as a place to collect important information about your Gunnar. This is a pdf form so you can save a copy as well as transmit it electronically to us. Please call before shipping (262-534-4190) in order to establish an RA number which speeds up service. Of course, if you need help, please don’t hesitate to call us. For more information on Waterford Restoration Services . . .

Click here for our price list. In-season runs from January 1-July 31. Off-season starts up August 1-December 31.