Custom Order Form

Gunnar offers an flexible and economical custom program. For more made-to-measure and more complicated customs, we need to gather much more detailed information in order to get to the right design. Our Gunnar Custom Order Form provides and orderly way to specify the your custom Gunnar. Click here to download the current version.

It is fillable pdf form, which can be used either by you or your Gunnar dealer. The first step is to save the form to your computer. Then fill it in as you gather information, saving it back to disc. When you are ready to order, send us (or your dealer) an email with the form as an attachment. Ideally, we receive a fully completed form, which is the smoothest way to process an order. Sometimes there are too many open questions. In that case, you can send the form as a basis for discussing your specific needs. You can expect a prompt response (usually the same day) after sending it in.

The form consists of three pages:

  1. Walks through the frame details, including fit and basic styling.
  2. Can be printed out and marked up if you have elaborate styling requirements.
  3. Documents the detailed specifications. Gunnar does not supply components, so this is for you or your Gunnar dealer’s use, not ours.

Page one consists of four sections:

  1. General order information:
    • This include you and your shop’s information. Established dealers need provide only the shop and contact name.
  2. Frameset specifications:
    • Gunnar Customs start from a base model that may affect pricing. Then you can customize the size and specs as needed. With Gunnar customs, deviation from a model spec may affect pricing. For example, if you spec a custom Roadie and wish a third set of water bottle bosses, the price will go up. If you choose instead a Gunnar Grand Tour, the third set of bosses is included.
    • If all you need is a special size of an existing model, don’t worry about filling in all the drop-downs. If you aren’t sure, selecting the wheel, drivetrain, tires, brakes etc. will help us choose the best starting point.
    • Use the DIY section if you know all the frame dimensions. Then we don’t worry about fit because you did it for us.
    • Like the frame, if you just want a standard fork or if you are choosing an aftermarket fork, you don’t need to worry about the extra dropdown and specs. That’s in case you want a custom Waterford fork.
    • If you are supplying your own fork, we need the details so we can accommodate it in the design.
  3. Fit Information:
    • Adjusting the fit is the biggest reason people order Gunnar Customs. We like to have your basics – especially your height, weight and inseam (pubic bone height). This helps us check on the design.
    • The most important goal of bike fit is to locate the saddle and handlebars in relation to the bottom bracket. The “Connect the Dots” or “X-Y Coordinate methods both work and are illustrated on the form.
    • Having existing bike information is most helpful in providing you fit recommendations.
    • We very much like having the Fit Kit Rider Inventory information available, even if you have the Connect the Dot or X-Y info. It’s a good cross check.
  4. Styling:
    • Every order should include a base color selection. We provide a list of all the current colors plus the past one-step colors of the month. Non-current colors will add to the cost of the bike.
    • If you don’t specify decals, we assume that you want the decals specified with the associated colors, even if a past color of the month. There is a charge on non-standard decals on current colors.
    • You can also specify optional paint schemes, including fades and masking. You can make other special requests on the last two lines. Page 2 can also be handy.

Once we receive all the specs, we prepare a design and a quote. Quotations we provide riders are at our published prices.

Custom orders must be approved by you and/or the dealer before we start any work. Virtually all shops, including ourselves, require a substantial deposits before starting work.