Connecting the Dots

Proper bike fit has a huge impact on both your enjoyment and your performance. One important reason we promote the use of bike shops is in their value in helping you select the Gunnar that fits you best. We recommend a professional fitting for just about everyone looking to invest in a Gunnar.

Connecting the Dots means locating the saddle and the handlebars in relation to the bottom bracket, as shown in the illustration at right.

If you already feel comfortable on your current rig, then it’s easy to see you match up with Gunnar through our Connect the Dots method.

First, measure yourself and your favorite fit-up:

connect the dots illustration
  • Saddle Height: Measure it from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the saddle going up the seat tube.
  • Saddle Top to Bars: Measure from the top of the saddle where you measured the saddle height. Measure to the top center of the handlebars at the stem.
  • Saddle to Bar Drop: The saddle to bar drop is the vertical distance between the bars and the saddle. Just measure from the top of the saddle to the ground, then from the top of the bars to the ground and subtract the bar height from the saddle height.
  • Standover height: Measure from the ground to the top of the top tube, half way between the head tube and the seat tube.
  • Inseam: Also known as the pubic bone height, this is a measurement of total leg length used by Fit Kit Systems ( Many shops use the Fit Kit to collect standardized fit information to help select the proper size.Pant lengths are not good indicators of your inseam.

The standover height and inseam help insure that you don’t select a frame that is too tall to be comfortable and safe. We like to see the inseam (measured in bare/stocking feet) 25mm higher than the average standover – more with really steep top tubes.

  • Seat angle: For more sophisticated fitting, having the desired seat angle can occasionally affect the choice of size. This is particularly important if your saddle is pushed toward the ends fo the saddle rails.

Let’s say you have the following information:

  • Saddle Height: 760 mm
  • Saddle Top to Bars: 690 mm
  • Saddle to Bar Drop: 30 mm
  • Standover height: 790mm
  • Inseam: (Fit Kit style) – 83 cm (830mm)

The example above is for a Roadie 580mm size with a 80 degree x 120mm stem and 20mm of headset spacers. It turns out that the Roadie 580 is a good starting size, but with that stem, you’re much longer than your target (717mm vs. 690 mm target) with a greater saddle to bar drop.

Try choosing a stem with more slope and less length and adding some spacers. For example, going to a 96 degree by 100 mm stem and going to 30mm of headset spacers gets you very close to the target numbers. Give it a try!