The heart of a great riding frame begins here. Precision, automated tube mills assure accurate and consistent tube lengths. The resulting tube fit ups maximize contact area between the tubes which, after welding, assure maximum response: a frame that reacts as one with you.


Machined tubes are loaded into an adjustable fixture, capable of producing a wide variety of frame geometry. No cookie cutter designs here. Each size and model range is carefully thought out based on our many years of design experience and configured right here!


It takes many years to achieve the status of a frame welder in our shop. Here our artisans hand TIG weld together the finest proprietary tubesets in the industry. We employ many unique techniques, including a three-stage rear end assembly process, to insure proper frame alignment and maintain the outstanding metallurgical properties of our steel alloys.


Final Build

Several operations are performed at this stage. Final alignment, accessory braze-ons, and clean up are all handled by the same expert builder.


After a thorough cleaning and phos-coating every frame and fork is hand sprayed with the finest urethane primer and color coats. Our legendary optional colors can take you anywhere you can imagine.