Custom Options

While the basic Gunnar designs provide great support for a wide range of riders and riding, some people have special needs. Gunnar offers some great custom options for those unique requirements:

Custom Finishing: You don’t need to limit yourself to Gunnar’s five stock colors. You may choose from Waterford’s full color palette for a $125 upcharge. Other special effects are also available, including fades, masking, custom colors, and special textures, please see your dealer or call us for a quote. For $50, you can even have us paint a name on your new Gunnar! Click here to learn more about custom styling options.

Made-to-Measure Geometry: For someone looking for that truly special bike you can order full custom geometry. As part of the custom service we provide a drawing and confirmation for your approval. Click here for made-to-measure pricing.

S&S Couplers: If you travel frequently and want to take your bike with you, then the S&S coupling system might be just the thing. When the bike is being built, we install couplers on the top and down tube. This lets you fit your Gunnar in a case which does not exceed airline size limits, letting you avoid extra charges. Once reassembled, you have a no-compromise ride wherever you go! Gunnar also offers cases and other accessories to complete the setup.


Even though the standard Gunnar models offer economical access to American craftsmanship and technology, the custom options allow you to make yours a Gunnar like no other.