New Gunnar Graphics

by admin on June 19, 2014

Gunnar Custom Bicycles has been around for 15 years now. That’s half a generation. If it was a kid, it’d be learning how to drive. For that fifteen years, we’ve used pretty much the same font all along. It was based on the opening scene from the original Star Wars – with the text crawling up and away from the screen. Like that episode, Gunnar has also been about a new hope for us, too. After much thought and with the help of talented artists Jason Reimer and Jack Hargreaves plus the advice of marketing whiz Denny Yunk, we’re adding a new graphic that will help us for the next generation. gunnarstarwars
GunnarBullseyeHeadbadge-20131003 A new logo is a major birthing process. We wanted a symbol we could be proud to stand behind, not just now but for the next decade or two. That means reflecting on the values that Gunnar stands for. What is Gunnar all about? It’s about straightforwardness, durability, simplicity. It’s a distinctively American product reflective of distinctively American values. It’s hardworking. It’s solid. It’s clean and as simple as the need allows. It’s pride without hype. For us it means bikes you can use like crazy, and that you’re glad you made the investment.

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