What about all those Hyper-X’s?

So what’s behind the three variations of Hyper-X?

It’s all about the rear dropouts, hence the compatible brake and drivetrain technologies.

It’s all about the level of flexibility you want.

Hyper-X Fits quick release wheel and ISO disc brake mount. Quick release wheels have been around for decades and are generally less expensive. Most disc brakes can mounted with an adapter.
Hyper-XX Hyper-XX Dropouts let you choose through-axle or quick release wheels as well as ISO or post mount rear brakes. (Shown here with through-axle and post mount.)
Hyper-XC Hyper-XC dropouts use the Paragon Rocker system with all the flexibility of the Hyper-XX plus the ability to run single-speed and even hub-based drivetrains. (Shown here with through-axle and post mount.)