Touchup Paint

Selecting the color: The colors listed below have been used on Gunnars and Waterfords over the years. Many are in the stock PPG collections of colors (You may see a PPG number associated with it). For example, there is a PPG Burnt Orange (#61456) which is noticeably different from the Waterford (unnumbered) Burnt Orange.

Unless your bike is a Waterford or a Gunnar, the color may not match the color name used on your bike. If you have a Trek or Cannondale, “Bright Yellow” is likely to be different than what they used on your bike. Some colors, like Molteni Orange, are a Waterford interpretation a well known color. We based in on the 1980’s vintage bikes we’ve seen more than the earlier version used by Eddy on his 1972 hour record (which is closer to our Burnt Orange).
Warning: Touch Up orders are non refundable. If you are not certain of the color of your bicycle, please call us to verify. If you have a Waterford or Gunnar, having your serial number ready will be helpful at identifying the correct color.

Colors are divided into categories:

  • One-step colors require only one layer and have no special effect built in.
  • Most two step colors require you to dab on a base coat and then a top coat.
  • Special effects colors are either complicated mixes or have special additives.

Not all of the two-step or special effects Colors require two steps, but they may be complicated mixes or have expensive additives (like all the pearl added to the A.Homer Hilsen Blue).

A perfect match is impossible with touch-up paint:

  • There are slight variations in mixing.
  • The paint on your bike is subject to fading due to exposure to sunlight and the passage of time.
  • Touchup has a different depth than the depth of a spray-on paint.

It should be used to minimize the visual impact of chips and scratches on a paint. It will never look as nice as a sprayed on touch-up.

Payment: All processing is handled through Paypal, who provides convenient secure processing. You don’t need a Paypal account to purchase from us, Paypal takes your regular Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover cards, as well. Please note that touchup paint can only be shipped to a street address, not a PO Box. Orders generally ship within a week. Holidays may cause delays, especially for special effects colors.

Touch Up Paint

One-Step Colors
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Two-Step Colors
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Level 1 Spec Effects Touch-up Paint
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