Custom Styling Options

Gunnar offers a wide range of styling options for all budgets. We start off by offering a great selection of stock colors.

For our stock colors, you can also order:

  • Name Personalization: where we hand stripe your name, nickname or short phrase (less than 72 characters) on your frame. Typical locations – top tube drive-side front, top tube drive-side rear or the chainstay. Charges are based on each location for the name.
  • Custom Decal Changes: where we let you change the decals (within limits) on your Gunnar. For example, some riders like the stealth look of Black/Silver decals on a Gunnar Black frame.
  • Anti-Corrosion Treatment: Though not technically a styling option, we can coat the inside of your frame with a wax protectant such as JP Weigle’s Framesaver ™, which protects against corrosion. The treatment lasts for at least two years and is important if you live near the coasts or ride in rain or over salted roads.

If one of our stock colors doesn’t work for you, for a modest upcharge, you can choose a color of the month that expired within the past year:

The next step up is an upgrade to the Waterford Color Palette. Not only does the give you access to hundreds of colors, but you add other style options, such as fades, stencils, special effect colors, pinstriping, to name just a few of the options. For more information, visit the Waterford Styling Site.

Below is a growing sample of our custom paint jobs: