Your Single-Speed


Light weight, mechanical simplicity – that’s the call of the singlespeed. But an even better reason is plain old fun. When you don’t have to think about shifting, your brain is free to focus on the pure joy of riding a bike. Plus, a singlespeed makes you a better rider – it forces you to become smoother and more efficient – both in technical sections and on climbs. It also makes you more attuned to things like traction and momentum.

The Ruffian gives you all the advantages of the Rock Hound, with an ideal geometry for both climbing and technical decents. We use the stainless steel Paragon dropout system to provide perfect wheel alignment, proper tension and precise fit up with the disc rotor. By swapping Paragon inserts, you can even convert your Ruffian into a geared bike.

But you probably won’t. It’s too much fun with just one gear.

One note of caution – a lot of people buy a singlespeed as a second bike to complement their fully-geared bike. Next thing they know, the geared bike is gathering dust in the basement. Also, singlespeeders tend to get weirder the more they ride. 

Have special needs and interests? Gunnar offers a wide range of paint and frame options. When the need for custom fit is called for, you can take advantage of our “Made to Measure” version.

The Ruffian comes in several stock colors, with base options changing from month to month. For other ideas, check out our Archived Colors. Recent colors of the month are available for a nominal charge. You can customize colors with a wide range of options, including one-step, two step and special effects colors.