Hot Wheels for Grown-ups

The Gunnar Roadie – it’s bred for speed and total performance. Since the beginning of time – at least bicycle time – bike makers have made weight savings the holy grail of road bike design. Hence the onslaught of materials such as aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber. Too often, these designs represent compromises on other fronts – durability, ride quality, rider fit and even pedaling efficiency – all to save the almighty gram.

The Roadie represents a common-sense approach to performance design:

  • Nice, tight handling with responsive steering.
  • An efficient fit for road racing.
  • A tubeset that exploits the advances in steel technology while retaining great road feel, efficient pedaling, solid sprinting and confident descending.

We’ve honed the design down to everything that helps you go faster. One indulgent exception: 12 grams of stainless steel cast-in dropout eyelets which makes your Roadie a great long term investment as well as an immediate performance boost.

Have special needs and interests? Gunnar offers a wide range of paint and frame options. When the need for custom fit is called for, you can take advantage of our “Made to Measure” version.

Add either a matching Gunnar steel fork or Enve composite cross fork.

The Roadie comes in several stock colors, with base options changing from month to month. For other ideas, check out our Archived Colors. Recent colors of the month are available for a nominal charge. You can customize colors with a wide range of options, including one-step, two step and special effects colors.