Grand Tour

Your World on Wheels

Riding a bike is fun. Traveling by bike is something more. There’s a tremendous sense of freedom you get from packing up and heading off for a week, a month, or a year on a bike. And the greater the duration, the more important it is to have a thoughtfully designed and skillfully built bike. As the miles pile up, you’ll appreciate the Grand Tour’s balance and comfort. As the years go by, you’ll admire its versatility and durability.

The Grand Tour comes with our strongest tubeset, giving you a solid ride and confidence even with the heavy loads of unsupported touring. We designed the fit for long distance travel with long chainstays for pannier clearance. We added lots of creature features, from stainless steel double eyelet rear dropouts to rack mounts and triple water bottle bosses. Where size permits, we include a canty brake cable arch for sure and easy adjustment.

Have special needs and interests? Gunnar offers a wide range of paint and frame options. When the need for custom fit is called for, you can take advantage of our “Made to Measure” version. With our Made to Measure service, you can also order horizontal dropouts for single speed riding, with either 120mm (fixed gear) or 135mm (single speed) rear dropout spacing. You can also order Paragon’s Slider or Rocker dropouts, which make it easy to convert your frame to disc brakes, single speed, hub-transmission and a host of other possibilities. We also offer a convertable package, where we add braze-ons for derailleur drive trains to go with the slider/rocker dropouts. Finally, you can order a version designed for the Rohloff 14-speed rear hub.

Add either a matching Gunnar steel fork complete with double eyelets and compatibility with the Tubus Tara front racks.

The Grand Disc comes in several stock colors, with base options changing from month to month. For other ideas, check out our Archived Colors. Recent colors of the month are available for a nominal charge. You can customize colors with a wide range of options, including one-step, two step and special effects colors.

Whether around town or around the world, your Grand Tour is a friend you can count on.