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July 26th, 2006 Gunnar Newsletter

First Set of Wheels.

The days are long and warm. For our youngsters they get the chance to explore, bond and have fun with their first set of wheels.  What about the rest of us? Remember your first bicycle? Paint or chrome gleaming in the sun. Remember the feeling it gave you?  The need to ride free and travel further from home and the protective grasp of our parents. Whether it was the pleasure of hanging with your friends spending days building dirt jumps, endless cruising with no particular place to go, or long rides on the road; riding your bike brought joy, freedom and health.  Seems so simple, but unlike the kids many of us don’t typically get our summers off.

As we toil with daily duties in careers, as parents, and other adult responsibilities, remember the simplicity of the ride. Take the time, get on your bike, either alone, with your favorite group, or with your kids and really enjoy the feeling of riding your bicycle. The days are long and warm. Reflect on your first set of wheels. Ride plenty and have a great summer! 

The New Ruffian!

Gunnar now offers the ultimate system for disk brake mounting on an off-road single speed design, thanks to the Paragon dropout system. The stainless steel dropout bases provide a precision track for inserts that support the disc brake caliper system. Though the wheel slides back and forth in the track, the calipers are always in the right position. Built-in dropout adjusters insure adequate chain tension and wheel positioning. This system increases tire clearance over other systems while provide a reliable mounting system for disc brakes.

Gunnar Bikes


The no nonsense Ruffian shares the Rockit TM geometry of the Rockhound using 135mm rear spacing for single speed hubs. The front end geometry is set to accommodate 80mm travel forks. Just like the Rockhound,TM the rider is placed in an aggressive cross country position, ideal for climbing, nimble technical work and descents. Fixed gear or freewheel, with or without brakes, any combination, this warrior is at home in the crush of the city, early season training rides or roller riding.


Waterford exclusive OS2 butted tube sets, featuring True Temper OX Platinum air-hardening steel alloys, custom drawn to our rigorous specs. Toptube and downtube are flared at the head tube for greater surface contact and rigidity. Tubeset specifications vary by frame size to offer riders of all sizes the strength and stiffness they need.

Tire Clearance:

Clearance for 2.3 inchers.  There is 70mm of clearance with the wheel and dropout slid all the way forward.

Cable Routing:

Disc brake only: Lower left side brake cable routing (7:00) using ‘zip-tie’ guides for hydraulic or cable disc brakes.


2 sets of water bottle bosses.

Price $1000.00


Cantilever Brakes: $75

Additional Cable Routing for Derailluers: $75


Gunnar Refinishing.

August 1st begins the sweet deal to refresh the paint on your favorite steed!  Off-season repaint pricing is $275 until December 31st and includes:

  • Chemical stripping.
  • Frame inspection.
  • Alignment.
  • Refinish in any stock Gunnar color or current color of the month. 
  • Stock Gunnar finishes includes clearcoat over decal.

Pricing does not include filling dents and pits and assumes that we receive your bike stripped of all parts including head cups and races.  Steel forks are included.

Gunnar Team Profile!

Paint master Brian Blank has plied his craft in our machine and paint shop for over five and a half years and adds his skilled touch to nearly every single frame we paint. His responsibilities include prepping, painting and finishing Heron, Waterford, Gunnar, Standard BMX frames, and Volae recumbents.  Brian also does the intricate mask work required of the Waterford carved and polished lugs.

Gunnar Bikes

Brian Blank sanding and preparing a Street Dog for its color.

Why does he like working here? “I enjoy painting and love to see the final product and the sense of accomplishment it brings knowing that someone will soon be enjoying my work.” “ Color ignites emotion and brings our frames to life. That’s exciting!”

Brian’s personal ride is a Rockhound and he enjoys the sense of adventure it brings each chance he gets.  When not working in color here, Brian rides his Harley and loves golfing and boating with his son: “My motivation is my son, he makes me tick.”

Thank you Brian for sharing your passion & talent with the Gunnar team!

Gunnar Dealer Feature!

River City Bicycles – Portland, Oregon

Gunnar Bikes

The hard workin’ & hard playin’ River City crew!

River City Bicycles has been consistently one of our top Waterford and Gunnar dealers in the nation. They were also one of our first Gunnar dealers, having come aboard even before the official launch of the line in 1998.  They really like the CrossHairs and the Sport, because both these bikes work well in Portland’s rainy climate and hilly terrain.

They have also been the impetus for our chainstay disc mount designs for the CrossHairs (available as a special custom model).  It gives you the wet-weather braking of disc brakes with the ability to mount fenders and racks for commuting.

Dave Guettler, the founder of River City Bicycles, moved to Portland in 1994 with a vision: build the best bike store that could be built. His vision included a welcoming atmosphere where people of any stripe could peruse a great selection and enjoy a truly unique cycling experience.

Dave labored very hard to bring you the cycling nirvana that is River City today. His vision led him to build all the store fixtures by hand, personally select the best brands the industry had to offer, and develop the indoor test track. Through hard work Dave was able to steer the store to its current position as the premier cycling enthusiast's hangout in the Pacific Northwest. Besides being a great bike rider (you can’t help it with the hills in and around the city), Dave is an excellent musician and cabinetmaker.

Co-founder Mark Ontiveros leads the sales crew and has taken commuting to a high-art, ferrying his young son around the city whenever he can.

Why do they like offering Gunnars to their clients? “Gunnars to me represent that rare combination of a steel ride quality at an incredible value along with being handmade in the U.S.A. by Waterford Precision Bicycles. They are one of our most versatile brands covering a wide range of cycling interests”. –Mark Ontiveros – Co-owner

Our thanks to David, Mark and your crew for your professionalism, passion and long time support of our passion!  Check out their spectacular shop:


Gunnar Gear!

Don’t forget to dress and hydrate with Gunnar clothing and waterbottles. See your dealer or click here:

Click Here to Order Gunnar Gear

Gunnar Bikes



Gunnar Window/ Fairing Decal!

$15.00 with shipping included. Give us a call to order - (262) 534-4190

Gunnar Bikes


Color: Red w/ Silver trim. Size: 26" long x 2 3/4" tall.


Featured Ride!

Gunnar kicking asphalt: Velo Trocadero

Gunnar Bikes

Casey Masterson’s race trimmed, team painted Roadie: see him and the rest of the Trocadero gang during Superweek. Learn more about this new team and pictures:

Tech Q&A:

Do you guys put any sort of antirust treatment inside the tubes?  I live about 100 yards from the beach, and I want my Gunnar to last!

We can but don't unless you or your local bike shop asks us to.  Though it's best to apply rust protectant early on, you can apply it during your regular overhaul.

The best way to keep your bike rust free is to work from the outside in.

1.     Wax your frame/fork with a non-breathable, carnauba-based wax like Turtle Wax or Meguiar's Tech wax (after cleaning your bike).

Even if you live in a dry area like the desert, wax is a good thing.  It protects the paint from UV rays that will slowly eat the paint.

2.  Regularly rinsing off your bike will keep the salt and dirt off of it (yes, water can be your friend).  A little light soap every so often keeps the dirt off, as well.

By the way, Road bikes often have a harder time than mountain bikes, since mountain bikes tend to get a more regular rinsing.  This gets ride of sweat and sports drinks that are as bad as salt air.

3.     If your local bike shop doesn’t have it.  You can get spray-on rust protectant from your better auto parts stores.  They have nozzles for spraying the insides of your frame. 

If you’ve owned your bike for over six months, you can get the kind that dissolves the internal rust while it coats the internal surface with the actual protectant (a paraffin or wax).  They have special nozzles for spraying into the tubes.  The rust dissolving formulas are hard on paint, so be sure to wipe your external surfaces clean after you apply it.

For follow up:

1.  Rinse off and/or wash your frame once a month.

2.  Wax your frame (after washing) twice a year (once a year for most locations).

3.  Re-coat the internal surfaces according the rust protectant's instructions, but figure on once every 2-3 years.

If you follow this regimen, your Gunnar will last longer than you!


What do I do if there my suspension fork crown/knobs hit my downtube?

First let’s outline the problem: 29er fork manufacturers forgot the impact of using their old crowns on these super-tall forks.  As a result, they can strike the downtube during a crash.  Privately they recognize the problem and we may see some changes for next year.  Publicly, they won’t admit the problem because they don’t want to recall tens of thousands of forks.  We may also make some changes on the assumption that they don’t, but we are still researching the best way to do it without compromising the ride, lightness and durability of our Rock Hound and Ruffian 29er.

In the mean time, here’s what you can do:

1.  If you are using a Reba fork, Rock Shox offers an internal adjustment adapter that allows removal of the knob that is often what is striking the frame.

2.     Get a spacing lower headset cup (offered by both Cane Creek and Chris King).  This cup puts an additional 5mm between the crown and the frame.  On 20.5’s this is definitely enough.  The combo of conversion kit and lower couple may also work for the 19’s and 17.5’s.

3.     If it doesn’t, get one of these handy tube protectors.  This little device had been long used by track riders to protect their top tubes from their handlebars during crashes.


I have an old Rock Hound.  I’d like to convert it either to disc brakes, single speeding or both.  What can I do?

Technically, anything is possible.  Unfortunately, it would be cheaper to buy a new frame.  In both cases, the chainstays and seatstays would likely need to be replaced, costing more than the bike it replaces even before repainting it. 



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