Gunnar Price List

Description Regular Pre-Season
Track Star Frame $1100.00  
Gunnar Track Star Made to Measure 1450.00  
Gunnar Track Star Fork 1 1/8in 300.00  
Base Charge for Special Frame Orders 75.00  
Gunnar Paint Upgrades
Name Personalization - Vinyl Decal $60.00  
Gunnar Decal Customization 40.00  
Gunnar Masking Charge (per line) 75.00  
Gunnar two color fade 225.00  
Gunnar three color fade 350.00  
Gunnar Two Color Flade 300.00  
Gunnar Stencils (Stock) 180.00  
GSE Textures - (Such as spider, halley's trail, smoke) 225.00  
Gunnar 1-Step Colors 150.00  
Gunnar 1-Step Color Match 180.00  
Gunnar 2-Step Colors - Candy finishes, Pearls 250.00  
All prices are subject to change without notice.