Gunnar Price List

Description Regular Pre-Season
Street Dog Frame $1150.00  
Gunnar Street Dog Made to Measure 1550.00  
Gunnar Street Dog Fork 1 1/8in 325.00  
Whisky No. 7 QR 57mm Brake (Rake 45mm x AC 375 x 350 len) 420.00  
Mosaic Composite Fork Alu Steerer 1 1/8in 57mm 225.00  
Electronic Shift Routing for Gunnar $200.00  
Gunnar Coupler Upgrade 1000.00  
Rohloff Dropout Option Gunnar 450.00  
Base Charge for Special Frame Orders 75.00  
Add Standard Rack Mounts / Eyelets (per mount/eyelet) 50.00  
Gunnar Paint Upgrades
Decal Variation $40.00  
Name Personalization - Vinyl Decal 60.00  
Recent Color of the Month (expired w/in past year) 75.00  
Paint Waterford Supplied Composite Fork to match 125.00  
Gunnar Masking Charge (per line) 75.00  
Gunnar 1-Step Colors 150.00  
Gunnar 2-Step Colors - Candy finishes, Pearls 250.00  
Gunnar Special Effects Colors- Prizmatique, Liq Crystal, Cryst Pearl, Lumincence, Flamboyance 300.00  
All prices are subject to change without notice.